In-flight Services


Private. Personal.

Anticipating your every need from the moment you call. Every one of our flights is unique. Because you’ve told us all the things that will make the journey unforgettable for you.

Air concierge

Next Level Service

Every trip begins with your own personal Air Concierge. They’ll be taking care of you from the moment you inquire about a flight and then throughout your Safari Plus journey. Whether it’s transportation to and from your flight, a specific cuisine you’d like to try or even reservations at the different hotels and resorts in our network. By the time your trip is over you’ll wish you could take your Air Concierge everywhere with you.


The stuff
foodies’ dreams
are made of.

Welcome to a true culinary experience courtesy of one of Tanzania’s most talented kitchens. Is there something specific you’d like to have on board? Dietary restrictions? Just let us know and we’ll take care of everything.