Safari Plus: Introduction
Safari Plus is Tanzania’s first, high-end Charter airline positioned to offer distinguished services in aviation industry and give its Customers a total control of their travel needs and unique flying experience in the country and adjacent states.

Safari Plus position itself as an ideal choice for your Air charter services needs at both standard and Premium services rates. We offer unmatched comfort and unparalleled services, as we are the fastest, safest, reliable and most comfortable charter airline available in the industry.
Safari Plus: Operations

Beechcraft 1900 D

We operate Beechcraft 1900 D with 19 Seats but configured to 18 seats to accommodates comfort ability, luxuries and space on-board, with the following features: Multi-engine, Two Pilots , pressurized stand up cabin for Comfort, speedy flying at high attitude which means less turbulence with fully fledged IES ( in-flight entertainment system ) equipped with Mid size screens and wireless headsets.

Beechcraft King Air 350

We operate Beechcraft King Air 350 with 8 Seats configured in club seating(executive seating) style to offer our clients an opportunity to hold be face to face meeting while flying and accommodates comfortability and luxuries with the following features: Multi-engine, Two Pilots , pressurized cabin for Comfort, speedy flying at high attitude which means less turbulence
Safari Plus: Service
We also offer different in -flight tourism magazines, Local daily news papers and Cabin attendants are also available to add value on your personalized services by attending to any in-flight needs which may arise while onboard.

Friendly, experienced and well trained staff and luxury treatment is what you will get when you choose to fly with us.

Our safety standards are in total compliance with national and international operating standards covering aircraft safety, regulations and maintenance.
Safari Plus: Products

Premium Charter

This type of services allows customer to tailor-made his or her charter services according to specific needs; e.g. choose the in-flight catering menu and Flight attendants. We will completely customize the flight to fit your specific travel needs and make you feel the unique flying experience. For this type of charter we say “We will do it how you want it”

Standard Charter

This will offer all basic travel services including luxurious basic flying environment associated with Safari Plus.
Comfort seating with personalized service
Reaching a multitude of destinations of your choice
There is always a better way to reach your destination
Executive club seating in the King Air 350
Experience unmatched comfort all the way to destination